The Hospitality Queen™


Each service package has been curated and designed to help you with your current stage of business growth.
Brand Messaging & Visual Identity

Craft your brand story, name, company's name, bio, mission & vision statement, and logo designs that gives you a competitive advantage and leaves an enduring impression on the customer's mind.

Business Listing

Get your business listed on all the important search platforms, apps, and websites so that you can be found easily.

Social Media Page Set-up

Create and optimize your business profile with all relevant assets (Profile & Cover images, Custom page URL, Call to action buttons (CTA), Page template and custom tabs, other integrations.

Digital Pre-Opening Event Launch Campaign

A-10 Day strategic marketing campaign to create a buzz around your grand opening to ensure that customers begin pouring in from day one.

Branding & Rebranding

Brand & Rebrand your business for next level growth with 2 Logo Concepts, Color Palette, Typography Guide, Business Card, Stationary Design, Social Media kit and Brand Book.

Website Design & Email Set-up

Attractive and Highly Converting Wordpress Website and Email Automation that engages your leads, nurtures them, and converts them to loyal and ideal customers.

**This is a one-time set-up service and does not include a maintenance fee**

Content Marketing

Creative, Original, and Customized Content that drives traffic, engagement, and conversions.
Content Types: Images, Blogs, Articles, Newsletters, Ads Copy

You are full of ideas; You have that fire in you but don’t know where to start.
Whether you are a new start-up or an existing business, this is the best service package for you to turn those ideas into action.
What you'll get:
  • Evaluate your business idea
  • Break it down into easy to implement bite-sized steps
  • Give you the tools & systems to implement your goals
  • Support your company's digital growth
** In the case of No Show, your booked session will be considered as “delivered” because I set time aside for you.**
Once booked and confirmed, there is no refund policy.