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Top 5 Remote Jobs In The Hospitality And Tourism

There are several remote positions available in the hospitality industry. This allows you to have a great time to yourself while earning the dough. The following are some remote jobs you can do in the hospitality industry:

-1- Virtual Assistant

Some companies are looking to hire virtual assistants who specialize in travel. You would be taking care of a lot of personal requests, from making hotel and restaurant reservations to offer advice on things to do, securing tickets to shows, and more.

For this, you really do need to possess some digital skills, as well as multitasking skills.

-2- Travel Agent

Today, many travel agents are choosing to work remotely, and their clients can make all of their travel arrangements online. As a Travel Agent, you will be able to sell domestic and international travel services.

-3- Vacation Planner

If you love to travel, have great research skills, and love working with people, this is a great opportunity. You could be handling incoming calls from people looking for their dream vacation package, and you will be responsible for putting it all together, from location to accommodations to dinner reservations and more.

-4- Sales Agent

Another option is to work as a sales agent for a travel company. For instance, many cruise lines will use home-based sales agents to assist customers in booking their vacations. This might be the best time to start searching for these opportunities.

-5- Reservation Agent

As long as you have the right tech, including an internet connection, a good computer, and a headset, you can easily work as a reservation agent.

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