Top 10 Hospitality Career Opportunities

The Hospitality Industry provides a wide range of opportunities for you to move to the peak of your career or work in your most desired position.

It is important to know that hotel management is beyond spreading bed linens and registering new guests.

There are amazing career opportunities in Hotel Management 

In today’s blog post, you will learn about 10 career opportunities you can opt for if you choose to study hotel management.

Are you ready to learn? I’m certain your response is a YES, so keep on reading to find out about these career opportunities listed below.


 The position of a general manager has been often the peak of a hotel management career. A hotel general manager is charged with the overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the hotel business. Your tasks as a hotel general manager may include managing and setting budgets, completing administrative work and supervising the various aspects of the hotel business, including dealing with customers.


 As the accounting manager of a hotel, you will take on the task of ensuring that all financial information is properly recorded. This means keeping track of all income and expenses, as well as ensuring bills and taxes are paid on time.

You will also lead the finance department, overseeing the activities of the team. Also, you will be charged with the payroll administration, hence, you will see to it that your hotel employees are paid on time.


You can decide to focus on dealing directly with your fellow hotel management colleagues. As an HR manager, you will focus your efforts on the effective management of hotel staff.

Expect to do more of creating policies and processes that will keep employees feeling safe, supported, protected and happy. Have it in mind that you will get to deal with disputes, recognizing outstanding employees, managing employee benefits and strategically managing staff turnover.


As a front desk officer, you will be expected to work in the reception area of your hotel. You will be the face of the hotel, as guests will most likely have an encounter with you first.

Hence, you need great customer service skills to do well in this position.

Typical responsibilities will include welcoming guests or customers, confirming reservations, checking guests or visitors in and out, collecting payments, answering customer questions, responding to emails and answering phone calls.


 As a room service staff in a hotel, you will be responsible for taking orders from guests, communicating orders to the hotel’s restaurant or catering staff, and then delivering those orders to guests’ hotel rooms.

This proactive position combines elements of waiting and customer service.

You will have direct contact with hotel guests, hence, you need to be well behaved and have good communication skills.


Working as the head chef in a hotel’s restaurant is always an avenue for exploration.

While you will be actively involved in the curation of the restaurant menu and meal preparation, you will also have additional responsibilities, such as ordering stock and supervising other chefs.

You can opt for this career choice if you have managerial aspirations, or a desire to fully demonstrate your creativity as a chef.

Read here to learn more about the job description of a chef. 


 When you become a Waiting staff in a hotel’s restaurant, your typical responsibilities will include taking orders, serving food, collecting plates and cutlery, communicating restaurant policy to customers, taking payments and catering for any requests customers make.

This is a good example of an entry-level hospitality career.


 This position is yet to be fully explored by hotel management professionals. It involves leveraging the powerful impacts of social media and the internet to redefine hotels public image while creating a wide range of awareness for hotels.

You can either work as a freelancer or a full-time staff. 


 Sales are a specialised hotel management career path and as a sales manager, you will oversee sales strategy and attempt to sell specific services of the hotel.

As a sales manager within a hotel, you may communicate with business leaders, attend exhibitions or trade shows, and attempt to sell hotel rooms, business facilities, weddings and other services.


 As a hotel event manager, you will be charged with the responsibilities of overseeing all of the hotel’s event space.

This will include concert halls, conference rooms, dining rooms and other event facilities within the hotel. You need to be familiar with the peculiarities of each event facility.

The moment you choose to walk through the Hotel career path, you automatically open doors to multiple career opportunities.

Take a moment to identify your core strengths and interests before you decide the career option you will opt for in Hotel management.

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