8 Key Skills For The Hotel WorkForce

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving especially with the recent pandemic. If you are working or looking into starting a career in a hotel, you must have these key skills.

Getting equipped with these key skills will place you in an advantaged position as you proceed in your career in hotel management. It is therefore important you invest your time and resources to acquire these necessary skills.

1. Teamwork

Almost every job within the hotel involves teamwork. For example, if you are a hotel manager, you have to work with your Front of House staff to ensure your customers remain happy. In the kitchen, Chefs must work together to make sure that food is prepared on time and to perfection. Without effective teamwork, customers won’t experience the quality service that they expect.

2. Multi-tasking

No day is the same while working in a hotel. Guests’ footfall varies daily, therefore, staff must be able to multitask to deal with a potentially high number of jobs in one day.

3. Flexibility

Not only do the majority of hospitality staff work long and difficult shifts, but they are also required to work during the holidays. Christmas and New Year, for example, are typically the most profitable time of year for hotel businesses. Staff must remain flexible with their plans to ensure that they can work when needed during the busy period. Of course, there are benefits to working these difficult shifts. Most hotels will offer incentives such as bonuses, or extra holidays to take later in the year.

4. Attention to Detail

In the hotel world, everything is judged by your customers, therefore, everything needs to be of the highest standard to build a good company image. Attention to detail will be drilled into your work from day one of the jobs. What’s more, as a skill, attention to detail is highly transferable across job sectors due to its importance in providing excellent customer service.

5. Industry Awareness

This may seem quite obvious, but working within the hospitality industry will increase your knowledge of it! Not only will you be working following industry standards and procedures, but you will also pick up knowledge from your colleagues. This is also a skill that you can refine outside of work.

Why not research hotel news and trends in your own time?

6. Time Management

Jobs need to be completed promptly for all aspects of a hotel to run smoothly. For example, new customers can’t be waiting for their hotel room to be cleaned after previous occupants have checked out. If this was the case, you could almost guarantee that the hotel would receive a bad review!

7. Problem-Solving

As the hospitality industry is customer-focused, hotel staff have to deal with multiple questions and problems every day, sometimes at the same time! The ability to ‘think quickly on your feet is learned swiftly, so that staff can deal with these issues effectively. Problem-solving is also essential to manage your time.

8. Hazard Awareness

This skill is vital when you work in a potentially dangerous area, such as a kitchen. Health and Safety regulations should be taught to, and followed by, all members of the hotel staff. The knowledge of hazards within the workplace is highly sought after by many employers

Do you work in the hotel industry? What other skills do you think are important in this field?

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