5 Productivity Tips To Boost Your Studies In Hospitality

The journey of becoming a hospitality professional is not always a smooth one. You will go through the thicks and thins. You will have fun while learning, you will feel overwhelmed and you will also feel the pressure to study more.

During this whole journey, you might be asking yourself this: “Will I ever succeed in my hospitality pursuit?”

Regardless of your response to the above question, these 5 simple tips can boost your studies as a hospitality management student if applied well.


Many times, it’s difficult to concentrate while trying to study because of some physical needs such as hunger or fatigue. As your favourite Hospitality Queen, who cares about your well-being, I always advise all Hotel management students not to study on an empty stomach.

Try to grab some meals or snacks.

Do not forget to also stay hydrated.

Read more about What To Eat While Studying.


Sleep is vital if you want to perform well academically.

It’s an established scientific fact that sleep affects your memory, concentration and brain function. If you are not sleeping enough, you are not setting yourself up for success in your studies.

Most people need between 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night to remain focused and alert during the study period.

You miss 100% of the naps you don’t take… Unknown

When you are sleep-deprived, you will also be easily distracted. I’ve identified below some ways to help you get to bed earlier:

– Have a nightly bedtime routine

– Wind down at the end of the day by reading a book

– Don’t drink caffeine after 3 pm

– Go to bed at the same time every day

– Set a nightly alarm to tell you it’s time to go to bed


Ever found yourself in a situation where your study time collides right in the middle of other family activities? I have and I know how this affects concentration. One way to ensure minimal distractions is to make sure that the room is at least concentrate-able before you commence. You can also play some cool music to get you ready.

You’ll agree with me that smartphones can be distracting. Facebook, Twitter, email, text messaging and yes, the entire Internet, are at your fingertips.

As such, I recommend that— at the start of your study session— phones can be put on silent mode and (if possible) place it far away from you. This way, you won’t be interrupted by phone calls or text messages while you’re studying.


Whether it is a pin-up planner, sticky- note, a timetable or a calendar, these organizing tools work well before and during study activities. Think about when you are most alert so that you can plan your study periods around these times.

Here are some recommended time management apps and tools that can also help you while studying.

In addition, here is one of my favourites YouTuber, Jessica Holsman. Her video on creating a great study guide can help you enhance your productivity and organisation.


It might seem like more is being accomplished with multitasking, but splitting attention between more than one task is not an effective way to study and learn.

Try working on one task at a time, giving it your full attention.

Focusing on the task at hand will help you complete it faster, efficiently and effectively.

To succeed as a hospitality management student who is on a journey to becoming a professional, it is necessary for you to be productive, organized and efficient.

Which of these tips do you struggle with?

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