It is indeed no news that these are extremely challenging times, especially for hospitality professionals. During the pandemic, many lost their jobs and those who work behind bars may be the last of all to return to work. The problem is all the uncertainty and pressure that all of this brings. 

Hospitality workers not only face challenges outside of work but also encounter challenging working conditions that sometimes have negative effects on their mental health. The long hours, high-pressure working environments, and the expectations to be constantly ‘on’, can challenge mental wellbeing.

Equally, the sudden loss of stability and livelihood has posed a recurring challenge to most hospitality workers.

We know these issues are reoccurring and that’s why we have written this blog to provide some useful mental health strategies and tips to combat the stress that hospitality workers often face.

  • Accept the new realities 

The nature of the job of a hospitality worker often requires you to be selflessly driven, also that you endure conditions that an average person could never endure.

Coupled with that, you are also expected to go about it with care.

This means that you often put all of yourself into your work, leaving very little chance for your passion and creativity.

However, it is best at this time not to over-function and pushes yourself overboard, but rather to relax, reflect and accept the uncertainty of your new reality.

  • Integrate routines

Integrating a routine is essential towards building positive mental health as a hospitality worker.

With the long hours of work through your daily routines to the scheduled repetition of tasks needed to keep the show on the road.

By incorporating a new routine, you can balance the uncertainties that come with the work. Writing down a list of things you would wish to do for the day is a great way to start, from the littlest of things you plan to do for the day at the most.

This helps to keep a record of the things you have accomplished and the ones yet to be accomplished. 

  • Be careful with what you’re reading

With the fast growth of social media channels, there is too much information and disinformation being released sporadically. You need the habit of feeding your mind with only the right information just as you feed your body with the right nutrition.

Do not stay consuming all the information that you have on the media all day; it will only feed your anxiety and increase your sense of powerlessness.

  • Pay attention to your physical health

The reality is that only you are responsible for yourself, your wellbeing.

Look after your physical health as much as you can. It may sound cliché but you should exercise regularly and eat well and healthily in order to effectively safeguard your wellness.

Don’t be drawn to find relief from the nightmare of drinking. Stay away from alcohol as much as you can.

  • Support your team

For the likes of us who have been given the opportunity to lead in the industry, you must build a medium for constant communication with your team. You don’t need to always have the answers, but it is essential to build this medium as a means to update your team with what you are doing to find the answers.


  • Find your purpose

We often forget the reasons we chose to serve in the hospitality industry. When this happens, it is necessary, we find a new purpose and a new way to serve.

We could choose it to be for family, friends, neighbours , community, or even your nation, but it is essential that this purpose isn’t forgotten, as this becomes bedrock and motivation for your dedication to the hospitality industry.

Whatever stress or anxiety you are currently going through, remember that you are not going through this alone.

There are millions just like you that are experiencing the same feelings you are. But remember that in a moment this will all pass, and when it’s time to look back to this time for a reflection you’ll notice the change that has occurred. 

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