About Me

The Hospitality Queen™

I'm Yvonne Joseph popularly called
The Hospitality Queen™

Internationally Recognized Digital Business Transformation Leader , Speaker, & Podcast Host
How did I get here? Well, here's my truth.

I have always wanted to own a business or several businesses. Started my first business at the age of 18, selling pastries (they tasted great by the way). **winks**

I remember how I was constantly looked down on and laughed at (still can't figure out why this happened, but I am guessing it was either because of my skinny looks or funny dresses) but one thing was sure, I would get you to buy from me regardless of the way you looked at me.

Oh yes! I was that business minded girl who never took NO for an answer.

As I matured, I took more interest in starting a "real business" but then it hit me that passion or mere feeling was not enough to start a business.

I needed to think about a problem to solve and a strategy to solve this problem.

In order to solve my business challenges, I needed some level of training, work experience, personal development, and coaching.

I needed to be in the right rooms, with the right people, learning the right things.

** The Power of Networks**

4 years ago, I launched my first “real business” 2wenty2 Hospitality

And I have not looked back since then.

During these years, I have made several silly mistakes, burnt out and tired because I was operating manually.

Till I realized that in order to build a business that leaves a lasting impact, I must leverage technology for better operations, efficiency, and more sales.

Looking back, those experiences became a learning curve in my entrepreneurship journey.

Having founded two growing start-ups in 4 years, I am privileged to sit as an Advisor and Non-Executive Director for multiple businesses at various stages of growth. Now, I receive recognitions and accolades from across the world. Making me a global voice in my industry.

Why Choose Me?


Hospitality Business Management x Digital Marketing x Innovation Prowess

Over 12 years of combined experience in the academic and professional background in both Business, Marketing & Hospitality Management.


The Founders Choice

CEOs, Managers, and Leaders turn to me to help improve their digital marketing and brand visibility, helping them transform their ideas into profitable businesses they can be proud of.


Unique & Rare Personality Type

As an INFJ personality type (making up only 1 to 3% of the population), I possess a strong concern for doing the right thing and helping others. This is why I am so passionate to see your business grow and succeed.



A Startup Founder & Entrepreneur myself and in addition to being an Adviser & Non-Executive Director for multiple businesses at various stages of growth.

Here’s How I can Help Your Business
You’ve gotten this far, let’s help you build the right team that understands your business vision
Sectors I Work With
Lodging & Residential
Food & Beverage
Gaming & Recreation
Events & Entertainment
If you read through this point, you deserve a reward.

This is an invitation to take advantage of my vast unique experience .

Ready to START, SCALE OR GROW your Hospitality Business Digitally?